About Me

Welcome everyone! I am Susan (Sue) Austin, Owner of Bronze Brulée Custom Spray Tan. I want to introduce myself, and share a little background of my business to you!

I grew up in, and, graduated from the small town of Cimarron Kansas. I attended Dodge City Community College, and graduated with an Associates degree in Business and Applied Science for Onychology (Study of fingernails and toes).

I started practicing as a licensed nail technician in 1997 for 7 years in Nebraska, then moved to Wyoming in 2004. I added my spray tanning services in 2006 and branched out with my own Bronze Brulée Custom Spray Tan name in 2011. Due to a few life changes in 2014, I took a position as an orthodontist assistant, then on to dental assisting combined for 9 years. I maintained my nail license, and continued nail and spray tan services part time. I was blessed in 2021, with the opportunity to open my own spray tanning and nail salon here in Laramie. I decided to take a leap of faith and here I am.

I have always been passionate for working with and caring for people. It makes my heart smile and anyone who knows me will tell you, I am very social, and do not ever know a stranger! I enjoy providing clients with quality time to relax, and do something extra for themselves. I also adore being able to provide my elderly or medically impaired clients, that are unable to efficiently leave their homes with gentle maintenance services in the comfort of their home. It is so rewarding, humbles, and reminds me to appreciate more of the small things in life!!

In 2002, My Mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, which inspired me to combine spray tanning along with my nail services. I wanted to provide clients who cannot be exposed to UV rays due to allergies, cancer or other medical diagnosis, a way to enjoy a healthy, sun-kissed looking tan. Coincidently in 2017, I too, was diagnosed with breast cancer! Both, my Mother, in 2020, and myself in 2022, again, were re diagnosed with re occurring breast cancer. So with that, I am very fortunate and blessed, to be able to use a lab, providing solutions, with ingredients that are safe for hypersensitive skin, natural and organic.

Along with being a great alternative UV free tan, spray tans can give you instant color within a few minutes of your time. They beautifully enhance natural sun and tanning bed tans. Spray tans benefit fair skinned clients, like myself, who do not tan as fast or dark, as deeper pigmented clients. They help blend in lines and skin imperfections. Bronzed tones spice up your appearance in any desired attires, and of course, EVERYBODY LOVES the mood boosting and 2" slimming effect!

My nail services are meticulous, intended to be non rushed, and laid back. Natural looking artificial nails are my goal, and giving pampering manicure and pedicure services. It is good for the soul to slow down and take a break now and then. Plus, they also make great gift ideas for birthdays and holidays (Hint Hint!)

Finally, upon visiting Bronze Brulée, clients can inquire about my Mōdere live clean products. I proudly represent a company that provides products to help maintain healthy lifestyles. They are bio available, non toxic ingredients, that promote cognitive brain function, all over body wellness, skin and home care. May I also state, the absolute BEST liquid collagen on the market! You may also check out my link right here on my website.

I Look forward to meeting you and excited to share my passion!